It is Mr. Torstenson’s philosophy to begin by understanding what the client wishes to achieve and what type of wines he or she aims to produce and then work to adapt these ambitions to the conditions dictated by the terroir and the status of the wine region. In the case of Bodega Miguel Merino, however, a somewhat different approach was taken.

Mr. Migiel Merino and Mr. Torstenson are longtime friends and, when the former suggested the idea of making a wine together, Mr. Torstenson took the opportunity to produce a wine that wouldn’t be anything like what had been produced in the area before. The result was a product made using only the grape variety Mazuelo and produced at Merino’s Quinta Cruz vineyard. Mazuelo de la Quinta Cruz, as the wine was aptly named, was produced based on Mr. Torstenson’s experience of working with Mazuelo/Carignan and has earned many international successes since it was first bottled.