Award-Winning Wine Consultant and Flying Winemaker
Assisting wine producers all over the world from grape to bottle and from bottle to consumer

CV & Awards


Consultant winemaker (Europe, Americas)

2006 -

Consultant winemaker, part time (USA, Bulgaria)

2001 – 2005

Managing Director

Amfora Vinhus


Internal consultant

V&S company´s wine units in Falkenberg (Sweden) och Svendborg (Denmark)

1996 – 2004

Managing Director, chief winemaker

Rabiega Vin (wine negotiant), Provence, France.

1995 – 2005

Vineyard manager, chief winemaker

Château d´Esclans, Provence, France.

1995 – 2003

Managing Director, chief winemaker,

Domaine Rabiega, Provence, France.

1988 – 2005

Awards and recognitions

Winemaker of the Year (Gourmet), Vigneron de l´Année (GaultMillau), The Golden Glass (Allt om Mat), Wine Person of the Year (Munskänkarna), The Swedish Wine Academy´s Prize, over 400 French and international wine medals and awards, Decanter Awards, Trophé de Vinalies, 3rd place in Olympiade du Vin Syrah (GaultMillau). Member of The Swedish Wine Academy. Member of Fijev.


Wine books

  • Vinmakning
  • Att tillverka vin
  • Vinprovningens ABC
  • Vintillverkningens ABC
  • Odla och tillverka vin
  • Vinprovning – så upplever du vinets alla möjligheter, named ”Best ’beverage book’ in 2011” by Måltidsakademien
  • Vinsmagningens ABC
  • Vinfremstilling

Vinprovning is a book for those who would like to learn about winetasting from scratch as well as for those who would like to take their tasting skills to the next level. The book offers a glimpse into the world of wine tasters and is written in a relaxed and casual style. Upon its release in 2011, Vinprovning, was elected “Beverage Book of the Year” by the Swedish food and dining organization Måltidsakadmien.

Vintillverkningens ABC is an easy-going and entertaining introduction to the world of wine making. The book gives a factual description of the winemaking process and lists commonly used varieties of grapes.


Att tillverka och odla vin is a detailed review of how to grow and produce wine, both in general as well as in a colder climates such as that of Scandinavia, where the wine producers face very particular challenges.