Award-Winning Wine Consultant and Flying Winemaker
Assisting wine producers all over the world from grape to bottle and from bottle to consumer

Torstenson Consulting Services

Mr. Torstenson is a specialist
in the following fields of wine production:

Vineyard purchase guidance

Buying a vineyard is the dream of a great many people. Unfortunately, there is usually a large part of truth in the saying that the best way to gather a small fortune is to start off with a large fortune and then buy a vineyard. Having many years of experience in assessing the potential of vineyards and wine-related projects, Mr. Torstenson is able to offer advise and assessments to beat this common tendency.


Vineyard strategy and business plan

In wine, like in any other business, having a sound business concept, a strong strategy and a solid business plan is essential for success. Mr. Torstenson’s extensive experience from various strategic management teams and his successful creation of concepts have made him a highly sought-after advisor in these fields.


Brand marketing and portfolio strategy

Choosing a name, label and brand concept should always be influenced by how the product is positioned. In any event, however, getting these elements right remains crucial. Mr. Torstenson has created several successful product concepts for very different market segments, from premium wines such as Clos Dière, Mazuelo de la Quinta Cruz or the blends he made for the Hedges Limited series to simpler wines like Rabiega Rouge, El Rey and many of the wines of Domaine de Brescou in the French region of Languedoc.

Mr. Torstenson also offers support to wine producers’ who wish to change or further develop their product portfolio. Over the years, Mr. Torstenson has assisted numerous producers to identify profitable market segments and align their offer with these (see the Case Studies section for examples).


Vineyard maintenance and work

There are few secrets when it comes to managing the vineyard and the work that is done in it. Still, mistakes remain very common and it may be useful to call on the supervision and advice of an experienced professional. Mr. Torstenson has worked with wine producers all over the world with the mission of lifting the quality of their grapes and, by extension, their wines.



The manner in which the wine is made will always have a fundamental impact on the end result, even if a “hands off” approach is taken. Mr. Torstenson is proficient in several types of winemaking and has created numerous successful wines (red, rosé, white and sparkling) of different styles in different parts of the world.

Managing the use of oak during the wine’s maturing process is one of the biggest challenges for those who seek to create a premium wine as well as for those who wish to make a simpler and less expensive wine with an oaky character. There are many techniques, oak types and barrel manufacturers to choose from and each of these may have a considerable effect on the wine. Mr. Torstenson has worked with oak in his winemaking for many years and a considerable part of the R&D efforts he launched at Domaine Rabiega were focused on the use of oak. As a result, Mr. Torstenson is well suited to provide guidance on oak-related choices as well as advice on how to use oak in winemaking.


Blend creation

Mr. Torstenson has successfully blended wines for the Swedish market with wines such as Rabiega Rouge (which was named best price/quality purchase by the magazine All tom Mat) or El Rey being just two of many examples. He has also assisted wine producers wishing to change the style of their wine. This was for instance the case with the rosé Les Lauzeraies Tavel (for the Swedish market) and the Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva label of Viña Perez Cruz.


Wine lectures and education

Mr. Torstenson is regularly called upon to give lectures and host wine tastings. For instance, he is a recurring guest speaker at SLU Alnarp (the Swedish University of Agricultural Science) as well as at various sommelier training programs. For many years, he lead training sessions at Vin&Sprit (the then monopoly for import, distribution and manufacturing of wine in Sweden) as well as Systembolaget (the Swedish alcoholic beverage retail monopoly).